#4Visuals: The Repetitive Reality

This edition of the blog looks at two important things. One – our recurring #4Visuals series return. And two – a devastating and repetitive incident of American society – the issue over gun ownership laws and whether any change to them truly does any good.

Today, I’ve searched all over the internet for the reaction that matters – visually. What does all of this mean? And will any change ever happen? It’s time for a sad but important edition of the blog.

Image 1: Technically two visuals – but it’s so important to share.

The eyewitness account – this visual (more so a tweet) is an important example of how the war on guns and related violence has powered a new kind of outreach – social media. It’s tweets like this that provide vivid and first hand research for journalists and viewers alike from those inside the Mandalay Bay resort. Equally, it’s posts like this that demonstrate the sequence of events from start to finish – and we are all spectators to history as we read them.

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 10.19.45 am.png

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 10.19.58 am.png

(Credit: @AustinJBurk on Twitter)

Image 2: If you can stick it to the gunman, then you might have as much guts as this man. At one end, this could be viewed as a sign of solidarity – that the world will not be defeated through gun battles. At another end – it’s a sign that people are fed up and are taking it into their own hands to deal with the tragedy that unfolds before them.


(Credit: News Limited, through YouTube source)

Image 3: As rescuers continue to deal with the damage and hospitals continue to deal with some 500+ that have been injured in this horrific incident, the images are starting to pour through – signs of heroism, courage and bravery in a world where so much pain and complexity is being experienced right now. The game of what’s next is challenging enough – but for these brave men and women, it’s more “is he/she okay?”

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 10.24.39 am.png

(Credit: Al Jazeera English)

Image 4: A poll from Nova Magazine, a US based online work, which asks the important question – is this incident enough to change Capitol Hill’s position on gun violence? (You’ll even see my vote because that’s how it works):

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 3.00.29 pm.png

So there you go – horror, tragedy, sadness all in one event. You can #PrayForVegas all you want – but let’s face it – change has been needed for decades and it isn’t coming anytime soon. Proving there is always more tragedy than happiness – and that a newsroom’s most difficult job is not always objectivity, but finding the good in amongst the bad.

(Feature Image Credit: David Becker, Getty Images through ABC)