Hans x 2SER: New Project for 2018

I’m thrilled, excited and grateful to announce that I’ve been given an opportunity to create and host my own show for 2SER Online!

Coming in early 2018, What Matters will provide the must-hear insight that will cover the past week in depth and give you analysis of the week ahead worthy of your listening.

What Matters is set apart by its roundtable format – a new concept for Australian audiences which gathers comment from leading writers, authors, academics and politicians. The roundtable will allow for unscripted, fast paced debate that anyone can enjoy. The new show will also feature weekend themed segments and other exclusive features.

What Matters also features another innovative concept – a two moderator system featuring a political liberal and a political conservative. This format gives us the chance to feature every persuasion. No matter what your viewpoint, there’s always someone that will share what you’re thinking on our show.

I’m also incredibly excited to be working with my friend and colleague, Bennett Pilkington on this project. Bennett brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to our show. He’s written for the Macquarie Street conservative magazine and is the current Executive Producer for 2SER’s Tuesday Daily with Tess Connery.

As for me, I’ll still be up early filing news reports and anchoring occasional weekday newscasts alongside Geoff Field and the news team. However, my new project does bring to an end my association with On the Money after a wonderful 15 month stint. I’d like to thank Rod Chambers and the team for welcoming me to the show and particularly for all the great opportunities I’ve had on the show.

A more precise start date will be announced on my Twitter in coming weeks. For more information, you can also go to the 2SER Website.

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