Thanks for stopping by! I am a 22 year old journalist and broadcast producer. I hail from Manila in the Philippines but I’ve lived in Sydney, Australia for 14 years.

I started this journey out as a blogger and news nerd and I’m now a broadcast producer with ausbiz TV in Sydney.

I’m a proud alumni of the Bloomberg News internship in Sydney where I covered economy, politics and technology. In fact, I was the studio floor manager on the day Scott Morrison became Prime Minister of Australia! I helped to contribute written and data-centric pieces too. I am also a Reuters internship alumni and I’ve done two stints at The Australian working on The List of the Richest 250 under editor John Stensholt.

In amongst all this, I still found time to complete a double degree in Arts (journalism) and Commerce (economics) at Macquarie University. I’m also a competent Chinese speaker (HSK Level 3-ish) and have data journalism qualifications.

My favourite interests are the future of journalism as well as anything international. From geopolitical changes to market movements, I’m always interested in what is happening outside my window. I’ve written on headline making situations like Australia’s same sex marriage campaign and less-headline making situations like the insurgency in Marawi, Philippines. Most of all, I’m fascinated by the how and why in a story – and what happens next. I am a fervent believer that the whole story is always better than the instant grab.

In my spare time, you’ll find me listening to Matchbox Twenty, watching my LA Kings play (NHL), sipping lemon iced tea (the only valid flavour of iced tea) or out with family and friends enjoying life. Get in touch with me through Twitter or my contact page – and let’s start a conversation. After all, every journalist needs their sources as much as every source needs a journalist.