Hans Lee Media

Find the whole story.


I am a 19 year old originally from Manila, Philippines. I currently live in Sydney, Australia.

I have been blogging since high school but I’m best known as a national radio reporter.

I previously wrote for Hijacked Australia– a leading student life magazine syndicated nationally by oOh! media. After, I joined as a producer for 2SER 107.3FM community radio in Sydney. I originally produced for the Friday morning magazine program The Daily. Soon thereafter, I expanded into reporting with the On The Money financial program at the same network. I continue to work at 2SER, in both a reporting and newscasting role.

My blog has had various incarnations over the years – and in October 2017, got its most recent revamp. #WhatMatters is a blog that focuses on news analysis and finding the little stories that might become big stories. From long reads to short form material, What Matters is dedicated to fleshing out all of a story for a discerning audience. The tagline of my portfolio website and blog reflects this – it’s all about understanding ‘the whole story’.

I also study a double degree in Economics and Journalism at Macquarie University, Sydney. I also have additional certifications in data journalism.

My favourite interests are the future of journalism as well as anything international. From geopolitical changes to market movements, I’m always interested in what is happening outside my window. I’ve written on headline making situations like Australia’s same sex marriage campaign and less-headline making situations like the insurgency in Marawi, Philippines. Most of all, I’m fascinated by the how and why in a story – and what happens next. I am a fervent believer that the whole story is always better than the instant grab.

In my spare time, you’ll find me listening to Matchbox Twenty, watching my LA Kings play (NHL), sipping lemon iced tea (the only valid flavour of iced tea) or out with family and friends enjoying life. Get in touch with me through Twitter or my contact page – and let’s start a conversation. After all, every journalist needs their sources as much as every source needs a journalist.